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Ancient Order of the Droids & The Art of Horror Movie Soundtracks

He is a particular kind of composer.

This past April Fooldirector Adam Wingard gave us all a little treat – guest 2! Finally, the long-awaited sequel to his incredible 2014 action/horror film starring Dan Stevens, is here for us to experience…well, sort of.

Wingard didn’t film it or anything. He has just released the soundtrack of the proposed film, allowing us to use our imagination to fill in the blanks. It’s better than nothing, I guess.

The soundtrack is pretty one Damn goodso there it is!

However, Wingard isn’t the first creator to release a soundtrack without the film. Far from it, in fact. case and point, Gerardo Preciado been doing this stuff for years! Under the name of Ancient Order of Droidshe published soundtrack after soundtrack for movies that only exist in the mind of him and the listener.

From the latest version of Preciado —Terror! VIII: A Spatial Massacre!

How did Preciado find such inspiration to create music for imaginary films? Good question, I’ll let him answer:

“I started the Droids in 2012 because I love electronic instrumental music. I had bands and other projects before, but with this band I wanted to get into film music. I released a few EPs with the idea of ​​having the opportunity to integrate my music into independent horror films. I quickly realized that it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. So instead of giving up, I decided that if no one gave me the opportunity to compose a film, I would make the film myself.

Preciado has created an extensive library over the years, which is why I’m surprised to hear about it now. Especially with the quality of it all! As I said a while ago, I’m not a music critic, so I think the best way to go is to show you some of Preciado’s work rather than talk about it. Let’s see what’s on the file:

Giallo!: Come on… Did any of you expect the guy to be called “GIALLO Julien” not to put the named album GIALLO! on the list first? Described as a ’70s disco soundtrack inspired by Giallo films”, this release has the honor of being on vinyl. The soundtrack includes tunes as groovy as Giallo!, Metropolitan, Tortureand Dead Live.

Dracula: The College Years: The soundtrack to an imaginary “steamy 80s comedy” starring Dracula, who attends college and presumably gets into goofy stories before settling down for a life of high-stakes real estate deals. This album contains tracks such as My father’s castle, midnight snacks, My roommate is a werewolfand (my favorite) Her name is Vanessa… Helsing!

my little slasher: It’s funny ! The idea behind this soundtrack is an “80s horror comedy that combines AND the alien with the Friday 13 series in which a child befriends a Jason Voorhees silent type slasher. Preciado actually wrote a script for this one and hopes it will be available for purchase online soon. The soundtrack includes bangers such as Night Killer ’89 (with Craig Cairns) , Ceremony, Murder by the Lakeand Together We Were Dynamite (feat. Craig Cairns).

zombie 2: Invented the “most offensive film ever made”, Preciado published zombie 2 in 2019, the same year, he released the soundtrack of the first Zombiria. It appears that, zombie 2 is the same album as Zombiria, just with the added bonus of “music from extra gorey scenes included in the international version”. This was intentional, as Preciado wanted to “create the same confusion as the zombie series in which dawn of the dead (1978) is known as zombie in Italy and Fulcis Zombie is known as Zombie 2 in the United States” With this release, we have hits as haunting as Risurrection, Zombie Cristo, sacrificeand Growth.

And that’s just the tip of the ice pick. To hear all the tracks Preciado has done, check out his YouTube channel here and his Spotify page here! To keep up to date with his work, follow his Twitter here and Instagram here. His next soundtrack — An American werewolf in college – falls in October, so be sure to keep a knife out…I mean eye, keep one eye.

Additionally, his first soundtrack for a fully produced film was just released this year, titled VHS Cult. The music was used in the documentary of the same name, which will be released on August 28. Not only was he a composer, but Preciado also helped produce this one.

Also, the Kickstarter for his first feature film, Narco shark, launched not so long ago! It’s written/directed entirely by Preciado himself, so if you can, check out his campaign right here and the trailer below. I will let you know once I am!

Until next time…

Ciao, friends!

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