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Ana De Armas’ New Action Movie Proves NTTD’s Paloma Needs A Spinoff

The Gray Man is more proof that the best potential James Bond spin-off should bring back Ana de Armas’ character, Paloma, from No Time To Die.

no time to die introduced Paloma d’Ana de Armas to the franchise and her work in The gray man is more proof that Paloma needs her own movie. no time to die was the rare Bond film where the actor playing 007 knew he was leaving the show, so extra effort was made to send Daniel Craig’s take on the spy with a bang. The result was somewhat mixed, because while it had great action and a surprisingly emotional ending, it also struggled with a bloated runtime and a lame villain.


An indisputable highlight of no time to die was Ana de Armas as Paloma, a Cuban intelligence agent who works with Craig’s Bond on an assignment. Despite her brief appearance, de Armas received excellent reviews for the humor and energy she brought to the role. Although established as a total rookie, Paloma is shown to be incredibly capable with firearms and martial arts and is far from a damsel in distress.

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Paloma leaves the film after this mission is complete, however, and she is never seen again. The role was a great showcase for Ana de Armas as an unlikely action star and led to calls for a Paloma spin-off film. by Netflix The gray man also received somewhat mixed reviews, but that’s further proof of de Armas’ acting credentials. His CIA agent character, Dani, gets into all sorts of action, from brawls to car chases and waves of assassins with grenade launchers.

A Paloma Movie Is The Best Bond Spin-Off (But Probably Won’t Happen)

The gray man gives Dani de Armas a lot more screen time than no time to die, but conversely, his character isn’t as fun. What is the Netflix movie Is confirm is that the actor was poorly served by his brief no time to die role, and is more than capable of coping with an action movie all its own. For decades, the producers of the Bond franchise tried to mount spin-offs, with Halle Berry jinx holder – which appeared in 2002 die another day – solo film closest to production. Ana de Armas’ Paloma now has the best spin-off potential, as there’s plenty of room to develop her character and with the release of Craig’s Bond, no pressure for any kind of crossover cameos.

This would allow a Paloma movie to stand on its own, as the series isn’t trying to become a Marvel- or DCEU-style shared universe. The gray man – which hid its true villain – has plenty of flaws, but it shows that de Armas can handle just about any style of action while still being a commanding screen presence. Despite this, the chances of a spin-off for No time for Die going to feel thin. With Craig’s passing, the focus will be on launching a new 007 and restarting the saga once again, so bringing a character back from a previous era for a big-budget single-player adventure probably wouldn’t be. considered a good investment. It’s a shame because no time to die and The gray man prove that Ana de Armas is ready for her own action franchise.

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