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All-Star Superman Set To Be Adapted Into A Live-Action Series

Fans have been asking for a live-action All-Star Superman movie adaptation for a very long time. Warner Bros. will he make it?

The Marvel and DC comic book universes have something in common: they have alternate realities that, in some cases, are far superior to the main continuities from which they stem. Main characters from ideas like Ultimate Spider-Man and Batman Beyond have become fan favorites in part because they aren’t bound by the limitations of their mainline releases. Such is the case of the incredible Superman All Star.

Given Warner Bros.’ ongoing feud with the idea of ​​Superman solo movies, some fans have pointed out that this limited series might be the perfect story to see on the big screen. Indeed, a live-action All-Star Superman movie would bring the character back to the DCEU in full force, even if only for a little while.

The plot of the Superman All Star the comics see the Man of Steel facing his impending death due to overexposure to solar radiation. Before leaving, however, Supes attempts to make peace with the world by accomplishing some of the most heroic feats of his superhero career, The Twelve Labors of Superman.

Needless to say, the story of Superman All Star is an emotional roller coaster that brings fans, old and new, back to the golden age of one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history. This return to the classic superhero formula might be why an All-Star Superman live-action movie looks so promising to fans, and why it would be a great addition to the DCEU portfolio.

An All-Star Superman movie would sort of solve the situation the DCEU finds itself in right now. On the one hand, it would offer a new take on Superman: exactly what the cinematic universe needs if it’s aiming to replace Henry Cavill in the franchise’s main continuity.

Outraged, Superman All Star would give Man of Steel a proper sendoff that the DCEU has so far lacked. Even though batman versus superman tried to make a Death of Superman storyline, die-hard DC fans would agree that an All-Star Superman movie would be much more emotionally meaningful, not to mention that it would be much more in line with Zack Snyder’s vision for the entire DCEU.

All-Star Superman Set To Be Adapted Into A Live-Action Series

Superman All Star offers a timeless take on the Man of Steel legend that would stand alone as well as inside the main DCEU. Technically speaking, a live-action All-Star Superman movie would be similar to Todd Phillips’ Jokerin that both would be stand-alone stories that offer a character study approach to some of DC’s most iconic characters.

In a time when superhero movies are more popular than ever, it would be great to see a new take on a classic character – one that elevates the morals and iconic elements that made them so heroic in the first place. Superman hasn’t had his own movie franchise since the ’80s, and it’s almost criminal to hear how Warner Bros thinks there’s no point in seeing a new standalone movie starring Man of Steel.

Giving fans the live-action All-Star Superman movie they deserve would surely revive the popularity of the world’s most famous Kryptonian. Perhaps this could be the perfect incentive for the DCEU to launch a new alternate multiverse featuring stories from the all stars series. This would give the DCEU another edge over the MCU and its cookie-cutter approach to storytelling.

This new series would explore a Superman fans have rarely seen before: a mortal man with an immortal legend to tell, exactly what Superman was always meant to be.

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