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Alien: Isolation Needs A Live Action Movie

Ever since its release, fans have been asking for a live-action film adaptation of Alien: Isolation. Ridley Scott and Disney, are you paying attention?

We all know that movies based on video games can be somewhat… inferior, to say the least. The same rule also applies to game links of popular movies: they usually end up in the bargain bin just a few weeks after their release. However, there are a few exceptions that prove that while most movie-related games tend to be terrible, they can be truly outstanding with a bit of passion from their developers.

A case in point is creative assemblyit’s spectacular Alien: Isolation.

Released in 2014, Alien: Isolation is the good Extraterrestrial movie sequel we never had: a game that emphasizes the franchise’s survival horror, staying away from James Cameron’s approach to Xenomorphs.

While the years 1986 aliens is famous (or infamous, depending on your preference) for turning the slow-paced horror of the first movie into an awesome action flick, Alien: Isolation looks more like the sequel we’ve ever had in the movie franchise.

What is Alien: Isolation about?

Set fifteen years after the events of the original film, Alien: Isolation features Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley. The decision to have Amanda as the protagonist is definitely a treat for diehards. Extraterrestrial fans since the only information we ever had about Ellen’s daughter was that she was dead at the time of aliens.

The way the game handles horror is nothing short of phenomenal: players can truly experience the dread of having to face an invincible killing machine from space in first-person. Gone are Cameron’s bug-like aliens, and here’s the classic Xenomorph that can withstand any kind of punishment without even flinching.

Saving the film franchise

In recent years, the Extraterrestrial the movie franchise has taken a bit of a dive. Not only have Prometheus and Alien: Pact rewrote the origins of the Xenomorph species, but they also did everything in their power to strip the creature of its once fascinating mystery.

As you may know, there’s no better way to ruin a horror character than to explain their origins. The dark, unfamiliar nature of the Xenomorph in the first film has an energy unmatched in all subsequent films – but that mystique is restored in Isolation‘s captivating story.

Although Alien: IsolationThe plot lacks the usual metaphysical dilemmas and contrived philosophical issues that seem to be Ridley Scott’s predominant focus these days, the game still has the focused narrative that’s ripe for a live-action film adaptation. Since this is not an open-world game or a complex RPG, adapting IsolationThe plot of in a live-action movie would be a fairly simple process.

Alien Isolation Ripley Girl

Additionally, the character of Amanda Ripley opens up a whole world of opportunities for creative screenwriters to develop a new Extraterrestrial franchise. Since all we know about this character is that she died peacefully before the events of aliensshe still has a few years of adventure left before she meets her demise.

Not only was Alien: Isolation a terrific survival horror game: the way the developers presented the setting and the Xenomorph menace felt so real that if they could bring it to the big screen properly, it would rekindle the love (and the fear) of the public for the whole Extraterrestrial film franchise.

As it stands, Hollywood is sitting on a goldmine of potential with Alien: Isolation. Horror movies are now more popular than ever, and perhaps this game might be the best way to remind unwary audiences that Extraterrestrial was more than just a scary monster chasing people; it was a reminder that there are dark places out there – and most importantly, that in space no one can hear you scream.

Tell us, do you want a live-action Alien: Isolation movie adaptation ?