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Agent Jade Black Spy Action Movie

On the JoBlo Films YouTube Channel, we will release a full movie every weekday, giving viewers the opportunity to watch them completely free of charge. The free movie of the day we have for you today is spy action movie 2020 Agent Black Jade – which appears to be a globe-trotting adventure, but was actually filmed in Oklahoma!

Written and directed by Terry Spears, Agent Black Jade has the following synopsis:

A skilled young agent is tasked with capturing a former rogue agent before she can unleash a bio-weapon starting with the wealthy and powerful purveyors of the international sex trade.

Katie Burgess stars and is joined in the cast by Connie Franklin, Sidney Flack, Luke Wyckoff, Caleb Fellenstein, Rane Thomason, Taylor Reich, Tom Allen, Greg Williams, Brett Bower, Lee Patterson, John C. Bailey, Tyler Malinauskas , Mark Adam Goff, Michela Creel, Kami King, Faith Jennings, Jennifer Achord, Brian Lloyd, Matt Tracy, Jerry Murphy, Dale Niehaus, Jeff Blount, Justin Russell, Braylin Precure, Keegan Walker, Jason Davidson, Tanita D. Dewberry, Chance Turner, Joe Beilouny, Brittany Lynn Holden, Quianna Hoang, Lindsay Pittman, Buddy Campbell, Melissa Greene, Erin Herring, Richard Freeman, Alexa Smart, Laura Jean Hogan, Gina D. Brewer, Gabe Z. Todd, Ashley Boger, Jorian LeFlore, Kenna Green, David Lee Anderson, Brandy L. Campbell, Thomas J. Hurd, Brandi A. Woods, David C Tam, Pete Burgress, Jeannie Howerton, Judy Ratzlaff, Christian Bellgardt, Christopher Savage, Ashley Mason, AJ Herrera, Cristian Morales, Derek Brill, Jared T. Florence, Aaron Spivey, Joe l F Beef, Bruce McGrew, Steve McGrew, JR Hatchett, Marttin Germain, John Hindman and Fred Savage. Not that of The good years.

Spears has already directed the horror movies History of American Terror and Beauty from Helland then directed the horror thriller While the village sleeps.

So take a look at Agent Black Jade – it’s free! – then let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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