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A Forgotten Fantasy Movie is # 2 movie on Netflix this week

It would be doing Duncan Jones a huge disservice Warcraft to call it anything approaching outright financial disaster, as it reigns as the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time thanks to a $ 439 million box office. That being said, he failed domestically by failing to even land $ 50 million in the United States, and was saved from outright disaster thanks to a strong performance in China, where he raked in more. of 50% of its world total.

The fact that Warcraft managed to become the biggest commercial success of a genre while ultimately losing money, it shows how risky this proposition was from the start, despite the immense global popularity of the source material. The project had spent a decade in development hell before Jones finally brought the world of Azeroth to life, only to have any franchise plans thrown at the very first hurdle.

As you would expect from the mind behind Moon and Source code, Warcraft Little lacking when it comes to awesome visuals, and there’s no shortage of ambitious world-building amid the constant barrage of visual effects and digital backdrops, but it’s the story at the center that ends up dropping it all. .

Most casual audiences may have even forgotten that it fully existed, at least until this week. Warcraft became the latest fantasy blockbuster mocked to find new life on Netflix, and posted a solid performance all week, as it now ranks as the second most watched title on the platform across the world. It’s still not going to generate any sequelae, but there has been some talk that a reboot might already be on the cards.