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9 Comedy Characters Who Could Get A Horror Movie In The MCU

Directed by horror icon Sam Raimi, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will introduce an element of horror that has yet to be seen in the MCU. This will pave the way for the horror genre to be part of the MCU.

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Through Hero or Villain, if the character can invoke fear in others, then they can direct their own movie. While some characters on the roster can serve as protagonists, the more villainous characters can stand in for horror icons like Jason and Pennywise.


Nightmare Doctor Strange Marvel Villain

The name itself should be an explicit reason why this character can lead a horror movie. Doctor Strange’s primary adversary, Nightmare is the ruler of Nightmare World, which feeds on the psychic energies of humanity.

Nightmare can be described as a cross between Pennywise and Freddy Krueger as he revels in the fear and suffering of others. While Marvel could potentially make the next Doctor Strange film a complete horror, giving Nightmare a main solo movie would allow a villain of the genre to shine in a solo movie.

purple man

Purple Man manipulating his puppets in the comic

Having the power to control minds using his voice, the twisted Kilgrave took advantage of it with a sense of sick glee. He was portrayed like this in Marvel’s Jessica Jones through a stunning delivery from David Tennant as he made several ominous demands.

With Charlie Cox’s Daredevil stint in the movies and the multiverse allowing characters to return in a new light, it’s possible that Purple Man will make a comeback. Redesigning him with purple skin and his appearance can be just as terrifying as watching him make others vulnerable. All Marvel needs to do is cast him back as a villain.

night werewolf

Born of a family curse, Jack Russell has the power to transform into a werewolf at will. He uses his werewolf powers to fight crime; however, on full moon nights, the change is involuntary and he begins to lose his humanity.

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Marvel can bring back the horror classic of having a movie about a teenager who turns into a werewolf at night. Werewolf By Night received its own comic book series, which eventually saw the debut of Moon Knight in August 1975 in issue #32. Night to join the MCU. Something to know about Werewolf By Night is that the Halloween special is coming to Disney+ and could potentially lead to bigger things for the character.

Jean Grey/Phoenix

Jean Gray smiling devilishly

Honorary X-men and Professor Xavier’s apprentice, Jean Gray is a powerful mutant with little control over her power of telepathy and telekinesis. His powers are amplified to extreme levels when he is given the Phoenix Force which allows him to manipulate cosmic fire and matter itself.

Actors who could play Jean Gray in the MCU could use that sadness and fear often seen in her movies to tell an origin story of her obtaining her powers or the Phoenix Force itself. Whether cast as the Killer or the Last Girl, the genre would allow his power and character to be explored in ways never seen before.


Trying to hide his recreation of the super-soldier formula from AIM, Ted Sallis crashed his car into a swamp that holds the Nexus/Nexus of All Realities connection. With only his soul trapped inside, the Man-Thing is a stupid creature that suffers from fear. He would travel from the swamp to the spring, where his touch burns those who are afraid.

The Man-Thing is a misunderstood creature built for a horror movie. A 7-foot-tall swamp monster that burns people alive when touched is sure to scare anyone. With the introduction of the Nexus in Loki and playing a major role in Marvel’s next phase, Man-Thing can serve as something of a guardian for the Nexus in future films.


Smiling Mephisto in Marvel Comics

Characters who have made a deal with Marvel’s Devil are aware of the horror and suffering that comes with it. Lord of Lies, Mephisto’s talent for deception causes many heroes to make the tragic mistake of giving away something of value only for the hero to try to back up on the case.

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It wouldn’t be played as a slasher or a monster movie but as a psychological horror. Antagonists are often considered to be more important in a horror movie because their evil actions have the most impact on that movie. Mephisto would be the horror movie antagonist who, instead of killing the hero, slowly tortures him until he slowly descends into darkness himself.


X-Men Nightcrawler

Born with blue skin, yellow eyes, and a tail, Nightcrawler was feared by others for his appearance. He was often compared to a demon while he was a Catholic student for the priesthood. His teleportation power allows him to appear out of a puff of smoke leaving behind a “bamf” sound and the smell of sulfur.

Any mutant could get a horror movie because they are often terrified when they learn of their powers and are feared by others. Despite being a man of peace, Nightcrawler is often chased by angry mobs. A Nightcrawler movie would show both the fear of the main character and the fear of those who deem him evil.

ghost rider

The Ghost Rider Rides His Hellcycle in Marvel Comics

A sulfur biker is a character feared by many. By making a deal with Mephisto, Jonny Blaze would inherit a demon that would give him and his motorcycle the power of hellfire and penitent gaze.

Ghost Rider has had several live-action adaptations, one played by Nicolas Cage in the 2007 film and another played by Gabriel Luna in Agents of SHIELD; but never received a horror adaptation despite its connection to the demons of hell. Ghost Rider, along with his best allies, may be the one to take Marvel movies in a more violent direction by hunting down criminals (much like a horror movie villain would). Marvel Studios now has a chance to use Danny Katch by giving him a horror movie that would separate this Ghost Rider from previous movies.


Montage of Mahershala Ali and Blade from an Avengers comic book cover.

Blade is a safe choice because it once received a horror movie starring Wesley Snipes before Marvel Studios cast Mahershala Ali as their take on the sword-wielding vampire slayer.

Vampires are classic horror movies, and with Blade being one himself, this film would be guaranteed to have blood and violence. With the character making an appearance in the end credits of Marvel’s Eternals talk to the Dark Knight, it is possible for setting up their own version of Midnight Sons. With enough magical characters on the team and demonic villains yet to be explored, a Midnight Sons horror movie wouldn’t be opposed by fans.

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