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8 Worst Horror Movie Franchises, According To Reddit

Halloween ends will be released in October this year, ending the three-movie sequel to the original two films in the popular horror franchise. This latest film will bring the long-running film series to fourteen episodes.

Many of these popular horror franchises have developed a cult following, allowing the franchise to continue with several sequels. However, despite the popularity of these horror franchises, not all viewers think they are as big as they perceive them to be. These Redditors shared their opinions on horror franchises, including fan favorites like Seen and Halloweenare the worst.


8 puppet master

Including the original film, several sequels, a crossover with a TV series Demonic toysand some spin-off films, there are fourteen installments in total for the puppet master franchise. Throughout these films, the stories feature animated puppets who have been given special powers with a spell.

The number of films within this cult is proof enough that the franchise has been popular. However, some people don’t consider it good enough to fit into epic titles in the horror genre. Reddit user Insanepaco247 said, “I love them, but there are none that I watch for real, genuine horror.” While some viewers found these movies downright disappointing, others simply don’t find them scary.

seven Seen

This franchise currently has nine films, with an additional film dubbed X-saw in production. The first eight films focus on serial killer Jigsaw, with the most recent film focusing on a copycat of the infamous killer.

However Seen had one of the most shocking conclusions in horror movies, some Redditors saw the conclusion coming. Others thought the first film was fantastic, leaving the sequels to follow underwhelming. A Reddit user said, “The first Saw was actually great, I really wish they’d left it at that.”

6 Leprechaun

This slasher flick follows a demonic leprechaun who wreaks havoc on those he believes have stolen his gold. Leprechaun has eight films in all, which often play on St. Patrick’s Day on SyFy.

Some viewers think the only good movie was the original in this franchise, but others never liked the premise. A Reddit user said, “Was the original even that good, though? I just remember it being as campy as its sequels.” Although these horror films have a good amount of creepy jumps, bloody and scary moments, they are often considered more funny than scary.

5 Corn Children

Corn Children was an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story of the same name, but the nine sequels and a remake after the original are the creations of different filmmakers.

While the first two films tied together, creating a continuation of the original with the second installment, subsequent sequels bore little resemblance to the original script. Reddit user desperate jackalope said, “I only ever come back to watch the original and The Final Sacrifice. The rest are either bland and forgettable or awful.” Although there is a cult following for this series of films, many fans feel that the production value of the films decreased after the second installment.

4 The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror The franchise capitalized on the alleged true story of the Amityville house haunting, producing 22 amazing films and a remake of the original film. The original plot follows the story of a family that moves into a house in which the stepfather begins to be influenced by a demonic force.

Some viewers liked the original film and others enjoyed the remake, but many horror fans believe that the subsequent films were a sad attempt to continue building on the success of the first film. Reddit user everything_is_holy said, “Besides some scary scenes, the original was a movie slog. However, I would give the music high marks. The theme music still scares me.”

3 resident Evil

The resident Evil the video games have been adapted into eleven different films within this franchise, with the original 2002 film being the highest rated. Recently, Netflix released a series showcasing different elements in the resident Evil world.

Despite video gamers being particularly critical of these adaptations, they have gained a dedicated cult following, leading to several sequels and spinoffs both live-action and animated. However, even those who are not fans of the games criticize the movies. Reddit user WatermelonBandido said: “I liked the first one if you think of it as a zombie movie. After that they just became sci-fi action movies, dropping the characters from the games into whatever the script called .”

2 Halloween

The Halloween is one of the most successful horror franchises, producing eight original films, two Rob Zombie-produced remakes, and three recent sequels that play on the two original films.

Michael Myers is one of horror movies’ most intimidating silent killers, terrifying viewers for over forty years. However, some viewers aren’t impressed with this franchise’s killer or storyline. Reddit user Hairy said, “The dude has no motive or anything, it’s just an excuse to write death scenes.” However Halloween is one of the leading horror franchises, these horror fans are unimpressed.

1 Jaws

The Jaws franchise has three sequels that follow the original. The first film in the franchise revolutionized shark horror movies, with subsequent ones being compared to it.

While some people adore this cult classic original, praising it for its suspense and storyline, others feel that most films are considered below the bar compared to the first. Reddit user iamstephano said, “I don’t really count the original as part of the ‘franchise,’ because it’s so different from the sequel series.” Some fans can’t stand the sequels but still respect the original cult classic film.

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