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5 characters who would survive a horror movie (& 5 who wouldn’t)

While a lot of people wonder if they have what it takes to survive a horror movie, there are some characters in My Hero Academia that would have no problem surviving.

The characters in My hero university have always proven that they are strong enough to survive anything. From bad guys, kidnappings to serial killers, they’ve overcome it all. This is in part thanks to the quirks they have. There are a lot of situations that would have ended worse for them if they hadn’t had their Quirks.

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The average person doesn’t have to worry about watching in a horror movie, but that doesn’t stop people from wondering whether or not they have the courage to survive. Many characters from My hero university could pull it off. Without their quirks, some characters would flounder when it came to surviving a horror movie, but others would survive just fine.

ten Will Survive: Bakugou is a badass even without his quirk

Angry Bakugo My Hero Academia

Bakugo is often judged or underestimated because of his boisterous and brash demeanor. However, his strength doesn’t just come from his incredible Quirk. Third in his class, Bakugou is one of the smartest students in class 1-A. He’s not only smart in the books, he’s smart on the streets as well. He comes up with amazing strategies and understands how to use the strengths of the people around him. Plus, surviving his abduction by the League of Villains is proof that he could survive a horror movie as well.

9 Won’t Survive: Present Mic is a defenseless city dweller

MHA Present Micro

Present Mic prefers his enemies to underestimate him to give them a false sense of security. His Quirk is nearly impossible to counter, but that’s also the reason he wouldn’t survive a horror movie. He is a ranged fighter and is not known for melee combat. Without his Quirk, he would be powerless against any potential attacker. He is also a city boy who is afraid of insects. If he ever found himself stuck in the woods with a killer chasing him, he would be doomed.

8 Will Survive: Midoriya Will Keep Everyone Together

Like Bakugou, Midoriya is an excellent strategist. He is able to analyze his opponent and find the best way to defeat him. Although he can be shy and calm, he is a great leader. He doesn’t just take charge of himself, but his determination often brings hope to those around him.

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Helping people and creating a situation that would get everyone to work together is probably one of his best qualities and that’s exactly why he would survive a horror movie. People die when they go their separate ways, but Midoriya is said to be smart enough to keep everyone together.

seven Won’t survive: Mineta will fall victim to teenage hormonal trope


Mineta is the weakest member of Class 1-A with or without Alter. He’s ranked 9th in his class, which means he enjoys above average intelligence, even if he doesn’t put it to good use. Mineta is the last to take matters into her own hands and often relies on other people to tell her what to do. It can also be loose, which makes it difficult to work with. What will ultimately lead to his downfall is his evil nature. It’s the hormonal teens that always die first in horror movies and Mineta is certainly not immune to this trope.

6 Will Survive: Yaoyorozu is fast under pressure

As the smartest student in Class 1-A, Yaoyorozu has the best chance of surviving a horror movie. She is incredibly resourceful and although she lacks self-confidence, she acts quickly under pressure. It is thanks to her quick wit that the heroes are able to hunt down villains after kidnapping Bakugou and she also comes up with an incredible strategy to capture Aizawa during the student’s final exams. She is the most responsible and often acts as the voice of reason for other students. Without Yaoyorozu, the rest of the class would be sunk.

5 Won’t Survive: Kaminari Falls victim to another common horror trope

Denki smiles and raises his hand

As the lowest ranked member of Class 1-A, Kaminari lacks the intelligence to survive a horror movie. Like Mineta, he lacks the skills to be a leader, which often leads him to cling to other characters like Bakugou when he doesn’t know what to do.

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What ultimately seals his fate is his position as a class clown. Another horror movie trope is that the funny character often ends up getting killed. As a comedic relief that often bypasses his brain, Kaminari is destined to get himself killed early in the match.

4 Survive: Uraraka is the most skilled melee student

smiling uraraka from my hero university

Uraraka is a bubbly and intelligent girl with a lot of potential as a future hero. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like she has a chance of surviving a horror movie, but she actually has a lot of skills that other characters lack. On the one hand, she is one of the only students to have trained in hand-to-hand combat. While most of the others rely too much on their Quirks, Uraraka is not. She knows the perfect teardown and even manages to use it against Toga when the bad guys attack summer camp. Not to mention, Uraraka has the character of the main lady in a horror movie, which guarantees her survival.

3 Won’t Survive: Todoroki Is Too Dependent On His Quirk

My Hero Academia: Todoroki pursues hilarious and disrespectful streak

Todoroki is one of the best students in AU and even walks into the school with a recommendation. His Quirk is incredibly overpowered, which generally makes fights easy for him. However, there is a downside to having an incredible Quirk like yours. Todoroki relies way too much on his Quirk and because of this his hand-to-hand combat skills are mediocre at best. He has a hard time fighting people like Aizawa and Stain because they are good at evasion. Todoroki is also not the best when it comes to strategy as he often relies on his classmates to come up with a plan of action. Todoroki might outlast some of the others, but he certainly wouldn’t survive.

2 Will Survive: Aizawa regularly fights without Quirks

Aizawa Shota with his capture weapon - My Hero Academia

Aizawa is another character with a very good chance of surviving a horror movie. He’s the least dependent on his Quirk, so it wouldn’t affect him much to do without it. He basically fights Quirkless and only uses his Quirk to level the playing field. Aizawa is also the best at melee combat. During the USJ attack, he almost manages to take on all the bad guys on his own. He’s basically a ninja with tools like caltrops available in his arsenal. It’s no wonder that Shigaraki holds Aizawa in such high regard.

1 Won’t Survive: Everything Could Be Too Sacrificial

everything could lean my university of heroes

Most would think hero number 1 would survive a horror movie. He’s got the heart and experience of a hero, so it makes sense that he lives on. However, All Might is heroic to the point of sacrificing himself. He neglected his health for years to save audiences, so it stands to reason he would do the same when trying to survive a horror movie. He might be a smart and talented hero, but in the end, he’s more likely to come out sacrificing himself for others than to survive.

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