Horror movie

22% said it was their most anticipated horror movie of 2022

Turns out 22% of respondents are very excited to see the film adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’, a story about returning to your childhood hometown only to find it infested with vampires. . It’s no surprise that another movie based on one of King’s novels is highly anticipated – let’s never forget the undying devotion and high levels of success that director Andy Muschietti’s ‘It’ adaptation has returned. – and the fact that Gary Dauberman is leading this first foray into Lot from Jerusalem has a lot of fans extremely excited. Dauberman is no stranger to the worlds of Stephen King. He worked on the screenplays for both “It” movies, and he wrote the screenplay for “Salem’s Lot” which holds great promise for fans of his work. Additionally, horror maestro James Wan is one of the film’s main producers.

King’s “Salem’s Lot” has been adapted several times before this most recent film, but never for the big screen. In 1979, the story was made into a two-part CBS miniseries and was treated to television again in 2004 on TNT. Both of these adaptations received Emmy nominations, but so far the story has never been made into a full-fledged feature film. Fans of the book have long been waiting for a true film version of the Ben Mears story, and now that they finally get it, their excitement is palpable.

The movie is slated for release on September 9, 2022, so the masses will have to wait a little longer before they see Kurt Barlow in action. Still, there are plenty of other great horror movies to look forward to, and as evidenced by the other poll results.