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Why Ruby Sparks is actually a horror movie

Ruby Sparks is a beautiful fantasy film directed by Little Miss Sun co-creators Johnathon dayton and Valerie Faris. It is centered on an author (Paul Dano), Calvin Weir-Fields, who finds himself immersed in loneliness and isolation a decade after the release of his first novel. After an extended episode of Writer’s Block, he writes a […]

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Why James Wan Should Make A DCEU Scarecrow Horror Movie

The DC Universe is teeming with horror-adjacent characters, and it’s time for Warner Bros. to commission a DCEU horror project starring the Master of Fear. James wan is a prolific horror director and that’s why he should make a DCEU horror film starring none other than the “Master of Fear”, Scarecrow. The 44-year-old Australian filmmaker […]

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Low-budget horror movie gems that flew under the radar in 2021

If you’ve ever doubted that Megan Fox could direct and dominate a pretty serious horror / thriller, this is her chance to prove you wrong. In SK Dale’s first film, Fox plays Emma, ​​a young woman stuck in an unhappy marriage that makes her life miserable. She has an affair with her husband’s business partner, […]

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10 nastiest horror movie characters, ranked

Horror movies provide incredible entertainment, but can also force audiences to consider uncomfortable perspectives that would be out of place in any other genre. Characters in horror films, whether protagonists or antagonists, do not always subscribe to classic definitions of “good” and “bad”, and explain why empathy with either extreme in these films is often […]

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Quentin Tarantino wanted to make this classic horror movie franchise he found too tame

Quentin Tarantino is not usually the kind of filmmaker to try his hand at franchise cinema. He has a signature style that works remarkably well in his own storytelling universe. However, Tarantino is joining many conversations around the horror genre. It once opened up to the time he would have loved directing the first installment […]

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10 most boring horror movie protagonists of all time, ranked

Whether it’s falling into obvious traps or making some of the dumbest decisions in this story of narrative fiction, the horror genre is full of annoying protagonists. Whether they’re stereotypical college kids looking to party or puzzled husbands unconvinced of paranormal events, there are plenty of fan-favorite movies featuring characters who are nothing short of […]

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10 best horror film directors, according to Reddit

The direction of a horror movie ultimately indicates how scary the story is going to be. Audience reaction relies on a number of decisions, whether the pace is nice slow burn or charged action to the way the characters interact. When a movie is really, really good, fans can thank the talented director who knew […]

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10 Nicolas Cage characters most likely to survive a horror movie

Nicolas Cage will be 58 in 2022, and throughout his career he’s appeared in just about every genre of film imaginable. He’s starred in action movies, dramas, romances, and even superhero movies. Every step of the way, Cage plays eccentric and at times bizarre characters who feel almost out of place in the world. RELATED: […]

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NECA Promotes ‘American Werewolf’ Characters With Weird Stop-Action Movie Scene

There is definitely a bad moon rising. NECA released a unique marketing tool this week – a short stop video showing their Kessler Wolf and Nightmare Demon figures straight from the 1981 classic A American werewolf in London. Watch the video, courtesy of screenrant.com, on this page. David Kessler’s compelling transformation scene in the film […]

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10 most successful horror movie remakes, according to Rotten Tomatoes

As horror fans know, Hollywood loves their remakes. Many disapprove of this, as they feel that most horror classics don’t need to be remade and are just fine as they are. Other fans believe that as long as they’re done right, they can be worth it. Regardless of how fans feel, a lot of classic […]