Action movie

John Woo returns to Hollywood to direct non-dialogue action flick with Joel Kinnaman

legendary filmmaker John woo returns to Hollywood for his first film in the United States in almost 20 years. The director of popular action films like hard boiled and Face / Off, Woo has been working on features in Hong Kong for the past few years. It has now been revealed that he will be […]

Action movie

Pre-9/11 action movie starring Muslim hero shows what could have been

In the fall of 1999, another action flick came and went, garnering disappointed reviews and a paltry sum in ticket sales. Adapted from the novel by Michael Crichton The Eaters of the Dead, The 13th Warrior offered a surprising premise: a 10th century Abbasid ambassador is recruited to join a band of Vikings (!) Against […]

Romance movie

Crown and Normal People stars join LGBTQ romantic film from WWI

Actors Josh O’Connor (The Crown) and Paul Mescal (Normal People) join forces in the new WWI romance, The History of Sound. Actors Josh O’Connor (The crown) and Paul Mescal (Normal people) join forces in new romance of WWI, The history of sound. The film will be directed by Queer Palm winner Oliver Hermanus, and the […]

Romance movie

Crown and Normal People stars team up for gay love movie

The crownis Josh O’Connor and Normal peoplePaul Mescal was cast to star in upcoming gay love movie The history of sound. Based on the short story of Pushcart Prize winner Ben Shattuck, this World War I love story sees Mescal as Lionel and O’Connor as David. These two young men set out to record the […]

Action movie

John Woo returns to Hollywood with no-dialogue action flick

John Woo is arguably one of the greatest action directors of all time, and his reputation was cemented long before he made the jump to Hollywood in the 1990s. A better tomorrow, The killer, Bullet in the head and hard boiled are classics of the genre, and while Jean-Claude Van Damme Difficult target and that […]

Action movie

John Woo directs Joel Kinnaman in dialogue-free action film Silent Night

The iconic Chinese filmmaker is making his first American action film in decades. Image via Warner Bros. Exclusively from Deadline, John woo is set to make the return of his American action flick with Silent night featuring The suicide squad actor Joel kinnaman. This time the hook tells a boisterous action story without a single […]

Fantasy movie

This epic medieval fantasy film reached number one on Netflix

Of all the movies available to watch on Netflix right now, the n ° 1 film on the streaming platform (at least in the United States) is a four-year-old film starring Jude Law and Charlie Hunnam on the Arthurian legend. Yes, as strange as it sounds, considering that there have been years of new releases […]

Action movie

This inventive sci-fi action flick deserves a lot more respect

In 2014, stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt shared the screen together in the sci-fi movie, Edge of tomorrow. It was directed by Doug Liman, who is known for building well-made action films such as Bourne’s identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. While Liman’s feature film wasn’t necessarily a huge box office success, it still […]

Action movie

Ryan Reynolds’ thrilling action flick is about to leave Netflix

It’s pretty amazing watching the second life Netflix is ​​capable of giving to all kinds of forgotten TV shows and movies, which will fade into the ether and then largely resurrect on the popular streamer. A great example of this came a few weeks ago, when a 2012 Ryan Reynolds action film that also stars […]

Action movie

Michael Keaton’s underrated action movie blows up streaming

When most actors enter their sixties, they largely resign themselves to the fact that their future will be based on supporting roles that don’t require much more than wearing costumes and delivering an exhibition. Based on recent evidence, however, Michael keaton I did not receive this memo. The star may have turned 70 last month, […]