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10 Stupid Mistakes That Killed Horror Movie Characters

Horror movie characters aren’t known for their lateral thinking, street smarts, or even common sense.

No, as most blood-and-gore festival aficionados know, it’s a genre that appeals to people with dementia far more than any other. Aside from the final girls and chainsaw-swinging heroes, we go into most horror movies expecting to see the majority of the cast meet their doom before the credits roll (or occasionally after).

But sometimes a character goes out of their way to be an extra special kind of stupid, channeling the malevolent gods of pure stupidity to ensure the grisly, untimely death of themselves and their unfortunate compatriots. These characters make our blood boil with the many ways they’ll go off script, do the dangerous thing, and lead everyone into unnecessary peril; people so stupid it’s a coin toss that they’re even merit live.

You know the gender.

Whether they unwittingly awakened demonic spirits, didn’t obey the unwritten rules of slasher, or just couldn’t wait those crucial few more seconds, here are ten of the dumbest mistakes. never committed to kill horror movie characters.

Zack Snyder returned to our screens last year with zombie horror Army Of The Dead straight to Netflix, a witty sequel to his zombie smash original Dawn Of The Dead (2004).

Las Vegas is besieged by the walking dead, a perimeter has been built around the city to prevent nationwide infection, and soon the city will be bombarded. Join a ragtag team of zombie-hunting mechanics, security hackers, and pilots to break in and recover $200 million from a casino vault before it’s too late.

Among those new faces is supposed badass and first-wave apocalypse survivor Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera). Featured front and center for the majority of the film, she acts as the counterpart and love interest of Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward, but her complete inaction in the face of the undead leads to her untimely demise.

In a truly shocking mid-movie sequence, as the gang are trapped in the lower levels of the casino, the elevator pings open and out comes a swarm of zombies. Rather than leap into action and draw her gun, Maria stands up and stares dumbfounded at the newcomers, allowing one to grab her by the neck. And, suddenly, she carries her head upside down.

If only she had done something anything!