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10 Smartest Horror Movie Characters, According To Reddit

Horror fans are used to seeing the main characters make choices that don’t seem so smart. They run upstairs and don’t exit through the front door, they move on their own knowing there’s a killer on the loose and they usually ignore obvious danger signs. When a horror movie has smart characters who make logical decisions and seem to have a good idea of ​​how to survive, it’s definitely a memorable viewing experience.

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Looking back on recent and classic horror movies, Reddit users are sharing the best scary movies that feature clever protagonists doing what they can in a terrible and gruesome situation.

ten Ripley (alien)

Alien - Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley

Reddit user nintrader say it Extraterrestrial series “feels smart” because of Ripley” and added, “Ripley always makes smart choices.”

Ripley stands out among the smartest Extraterrestrial characters and it’s a joy to watch them figure out how to handle the alien spaceship they discovered. This movie is definitely a beloved and iconic classic and while the setting is cool, the characters are what make the story so awesome.

9 Erin (you’re next)

Reddit user Twikx says that Erin in you are next is “able to take down all enemies almost single-handedly” and is among the most intelligent horror movie characters.

Going to a family reunion and watching it turn into a murder spree would definitely scare a lot of people and make it hard to know how to defend themselves. Erin is unforgettable as she makes it her mission to make it out alive.


8 Sidney and the other main characters (Scream franchise)

Call of Neve Campbell Sidney Prescott Scream 2022

Sidney, Gale and Dewey are always fun to watch in the Yell franchise as they battle Ghostface and uncover each killer’s motivations. Thinking about the main characters of clever horror movies, a redditor says that the Yell characters, “discuss and dismantle the horror tropes for the entire film, so I would say them.”

Scream (2022) is just as witty as the other entries, as the new, younger characters Sam and Tara are willful, determined, tough, and anything but gullible. It’s especially fun when the characters talk about the horror genre, because the fans know so much what they’re talking about.

7 Chris (Get out)

Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington in Get Out

Start a Reddit thread on horror movies with “intelligent and rational characters” Reddit user TheBoyWonder13 mentioned “Daniel Kaluuya in get out.”

Chris is one of the greatest horror movie characters and fans love that he realizes the horror that is happening to him. From the first time audiences see Chris with his girlfriend Rose, it’s clear that Chris is insightful, and that becomes even clearer when he meets his parents.

6 Grace (ready or not)

Samara Weaving in her wedding dress, drawing the unhappy card in Ready or Not

BusinessPurge Reddit User posted that “Ready or Not“has an intelligent and Samuraislider, Reddit user praised that the film “took every trope and put it on its head”.

As soon as Grace learns she has to play a dark game of hide and seek on her wedding night, she forges ahead, never stopping to feel sorry for herself or wonder why she is in this situation. The family never thought Grace would fight back and it’s satisfying to see Grace win.

5 Beth, Sarah, Juno, Sam, Holly and Rebecca (The Descent)

A robot stalks its prey in The Descent

Lowering is a great horror movie because a group of friends embark on an adventure that takes them deep into a cave, only to find creatures there that are scarier than they ever could have been. to predict.

Thinking about clever horror movie characters, Reddit user JealousMouse love friends in Lowering because they “grasp things quickly and usually make the best possible choices in the situation (or at least, understandable choices)”. This kind of story can quickly become frustrating, but the characters know what they are doing here.

4 Bill and the other members of the Losers Club (It)

IT Chapter 2

For Reddit user _wil_, This has intelligent characters because they “decide to fight back in fairly coordinated and planned action”.

Everyone in the Losers Club has a sad story and a fully formed personality, as well as a strong motivation to beat Pennywise and try to live a happier life away from Pennywise. The characters know they must return to Derry, Maine to deal with this situation, even if they don’t want to.

3 Makani, Ollie, Darby, Alex and Rodrigo (There’s Someone in Your House)

There's someone inside your house

An editor in chief noted “there is someone in your house“like a horror movie with smart main characters, and many are enjoying this teen movie.

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Makani, her love interest Ollie, and their group of friends are all witty, insightful, and interesting people who are unlike many teenagers in horror movies who don’t understand the dangers that lie ahead. Makani is a particularly well-drawn character who comes to terms with her past while trying to save her friends in her new small town.

2 Marty (The Cabin in the Woods)

The cabin in the woods 2011 Marty

An editor in chief noted The cabin in the woods is a film with brilliant characters “if you count Marty”.

Marty is one of the smartest The cabin in the woods characters as he is terrified of the situation he and his friends find themselves in as he has a bad feeling about it from the start. Marty also thinks carefully about everything in life, and fans support him, hoping he can survive but knowing that’s not likely.

1 Nancy (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

BingoBarkington, Reddit user think that Nancy from freddie is smart and wrote, “She understands what’s going on and how to stop it.”

As Nancy realizes that Freddy Krueger is stalking people in their dreams, she has a clever, impressive plan of action that sets her apart from other main horror movie characters. The classic movie is so much fun to watch because fans can appreciate Nancy’s insights.

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