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10 Nicolas Cage characters most likely to survive a horror movie

Nicolas Cage will be 58 in 2022, and throughout his career he’s appeared in just about every genre of film imaginable. He’s starred in action movies, dramas, romances, and even superhero movies. Every step of the way, Cage plays eccentric and at times bizarre characters who feel almost out of place in the world.

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This makes many of his characters the perfect fit for surviving a horror movie. Cage has appeared in his fair share of horror movies, and while he hasn’t survived all of them, he has done well in most of them. However, it’s not just Cage’s horror characters who are well suited for surviving a horror movie, as he also has plenty of characters from other genres who would be willing to fight in a horror movie as well. whatever the threat.


Peter Lowe – The Kiss of a Vampire (1988)

Peter standing with a bloody mouth in Vampire's Kiss.

One of Nicolas Cage’s first horror films was also one of his first films where it completely went off the rails. In Vampire kiss, Cage played the role of Peter Lowe, a businessman who meets a young woman one night and believes she was a vampire who bit him, and he feels himself changed.

In this movie, Cage is the main character, but he’s also the villain, which is evident from the way he treats others throughout the duration. However, Peter is also someone who has a loose grip on reality, and he’s someone who could easily get through a horror movie, possibly doing more damage to monsters than they get him. makes.

Cameron Poe – Con Air (1997)

Cameron smiling in Con-Air.

In 1997, Nicolas Cage was in the middle of a series of highly successful action films, and that included his role as an anti-hero in Air conditioning. In this movie, he was Cameron Poe, a former Army Ranger who went to jail for killing a man who threatened a woman.

He would be the character of the prefect Nicolas Cage who could survive a horror film, as he did so much in Air conditioning when he defeated an entire plane full of convicts and killers and was able to beat them all and still return home to his daughter in peace.

Castor Troy – Face / Off (1997)

Beaver Troy holding two guns in Face Off.

In Face / Off, Nicolas Cage appeared as villain. In it, he was a villain named Castor Troy who tormented an FBI agent, going so far as to kill his son, then forcing the agent to infiltrate to stop a terrorist attack. The twist was that the agent had Troy’s face put on him to find the truth.

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Castor wasn’t the type to pull back and got the agents’ faces put on himself and set about destroying everything. Castor Troy was a scary man and desperate to win, which made him a great candidate to become a horror monster capable of surviving any terrifying story.

Big Daddy – Kick in the Ass (2010)

Big Daddy stands behind Hit-Girl in Kick Ass.

Nicolas Cage has appeared in more than one comic book movie, and that was Mark Millar’s Kick ass who viewed Cage as a non-motorized character who wanted to fight crime as a Batman-inspired hero. It was Big Daddy, and he spent most of his time fighting alongside his daughter, Hit Girl.

Big Daddy may have died in Kick ass, but in a horror movie things would probably be different. Big Daddy was above all about protecting his daughter, and his meticulous planning and determination would make him the perfect hero in any horror movie.

Joe – Dangerous Bangkok (2008)

Joe focuses on Bangkok Dangerous.

In most horror movies, the victims are either children or adults who have no idea how to deal with the monsters or other ailments they face. However, when someone with some training comes in, they can handle just about anything and that’s where Joe comes from. Bangkok Dangerous Between.

This Nicolas Cage character could flourish in a horror film. He’s an assassin who is a master planner, someone who is silent and deadly and never turns his head away from his preparations. It would take a special kind of monster to get the upper hand over Joe.

The Concierge – Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

The janitor standing in front of Willy's Wonderland.

Nicolas Cage starred in a horror film in 2021 that was clearly based on the Five nights at Freddy’s called game Willy’s Wonderland. In it, Cage played a man who needed to fix his car and agreed to clean up an abandoned family entertainment center in exchange.

Around this time, he was attacked by animatronics that came to life and he killed them all, without saying a word. If this man can survive that night, he could beat any masked serial killer, or really anything a horror movie could throw at him.

John Milton – Driving Angry (2011)

John Milton walks away from an explosion in Drive Angry.

If there’s one Nicolas Cage character who could survive a horror movie, it’s the one who’s been to Hell, literally. In Driving pissed off, Cage played John Milton, a man who stole Satan’s personal weapon and then escaped Hell for revenge.

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John was in Hell, fought and killed demons, then returned to Earth to wreak havoc in the real world. There really isn’t any horror villain, be it a serial killer or some demonic presence, that can do anything to Milton, especially when he has a weapon that can kill. whatever.

Heroes – Prisoners of Phantom Land (2021)

Hero surrounded by armed men in Prisoners Of The Ghostland.

A little-known film by Nicolas Cage to hit in 2021 titled Prisoners of Ghost Country. This movie saw Cage starring a man known only as Hero, someone sent to a wasteland to save a girl only to have to face off against a legion of nuclear-beamed survivors.

Hero then struck the Wasteland, and he tore everything in its path. Hero is someone who could survive anything from a zombie apocalypse to a masked killer to cannibalistic serial killers, with almost no difficulty.

Red Sucker – Mandy (2018)

Red Miller with a blowtorch to Mandy.

In Mandy, Nicolas Cage played a man named Red Miller. It was a horror movie where a group of cultists killed Red’s girlfriend Mandy Bloom. After Mandy’s death, Red then set out to get revenge on the people who killed her.

It was a Nicolas Cage horror movie, but it was more of a revenge movie than anything else. However, Red proved in this movie that he was able to handle just about any ailment that came his way, and this Nicolas Cage character could possibly survive any horror movie situation.

Johnny Blaze – Ghost Rider (2007)

Johnny Blaze on his motorcycle in Ghost Rider.

If there’s an even more spooky and dominant Nicolas Cage character than John Milton, it’s Johnny Blaze. Based on the Marvel Comics character, Blaze is also known as the Ghost Rider, and he’s a man who sold his soul to Mephisto and now shares a body with a demon.

Ghost Rider has the power to make a bad person relive his sins with his penance gaze, something that could cripple any villain of human horror. As for the monsters and demons in horror movies, none of them could hold a candle in the face of the Spirit of Vengeance, and Ghost Rider could survive any horror movie situation.

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