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10 nastiest horror movie characters, ranked

Horror movies provide incredible entertainment, but can also force audiences to consider uncomfortable perspectives that would be out of place in any other genre. Characters in horror films, whether protagonists or antagonists, do not always subscribe to classic definitions of “good” and “bad”, and explain why empathy with either extreme in these films is often a Herculean task.

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In other words, those who inflict pain and misery may themselves have suffered extreme suffering. That being said, there are quite a few horror movie characters whose personalities smack of dislike, so much so that they have a rooted audience for their downfall early on in the story.

ten Norman Bates Kills People Without remorse – Psycho (1960)

In psychopathNorman Bates begins his character arc as a seemingly gentle man with some weird, albeit believable, quirks. The film reveals the abuse he suffered as a child under his mother, explaining why he murders Norma (and her potential fiancé, Joe Considine).

While audiences are able to sympathize with Norman’s past suffering, it is relatively more difficult to relate to someone who kills people without scruple. That being said, Norman Bates’ personality would be seen as a lot less repulsive in 2021 than in the sixties, in part because of the awareness around mental health.

9 Chucky takes extreme pleasure in the suffering of his victims – The Child’s Play franchise


Chucky isn’t a very convincing villain, but the pulp horror vibe in Child’s play plays a lot in its favor. Charles Lee Ray’s human life as a minor criminal is very ordinary, but the Heart of Damballa turns him into an overly malicious monster.

Chucky happily kills Andy’s babysitter and tells the boy that she “was a real slut and got what she deserved.“The so-called Good Guy doll kills anyone who blocks its way to a new body, taking immense pleasure in the pain of its victims.

8 Wilfred Leland James single-handedly destroys himself and his family – 1922 (2017)

Thomas Jane in 22

that of Stephen King 1922 is the poignant story of a father who loses everything, one after another, because of his own selfishness. Wilfred manipulates his teenage son, Henry, into helping him murder his wife (the boy’s mother), before unceremoniously throwing the corpse down an abandoned well.

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The events that followed destroy the once peaceful dynamic in James’ house: Henry turns to the bank robbery in response to his actions and ends up taking his own life. Wilfred has no choice but to leave his beloved farmhouse and move to Omaha, a journey that would have saved him had he undertaken it with his family.

seven Asami Yamazaki’s ambiguous character is quite difficult to understand – Audition (1999)


Hearing is a chilling example of the horror subgenre known as splatterpunk. Asami Yamazaki’s cruelty knows no bounds: she paralyzes her future husband, Shigeharu Aoyama, and subjects him to a level of torture beyond revolt.

Asami treats his eyes like pin cushions, slowly dismounts one of his feet, and even tries to kill Shigeharu’s son, Shigehiko. The film leaves everything about Asami, from her story to her motivations, ambiguous, which is why her character is nearly impossible to understand.

6 Freddy Krueger Murders Children To Punish Their Parents – A Nightmare On The Elm Street Franchise

Freddy Krueger’s miserable childhood turns him into a monster long before his death. He escapes punishment for the brutal murder of at least twenty children due to legal difficulties, so the locals decide to lynch him to death.

Freddy’s inappropriate revenge is a big part of why fans of Freddy hates his guts – killing innocent children to punish their parents is not easy to forgive by far. Freddy’s subsequent stint as a Dream Demon doesn’t make him any more endearing, that’s for sure.

5 Annie Wilkes fails to express an ounce of compassion for others – Misery (1990)

Annie Wilkes Misery 1990

Annie Wilkes from Misery is an exceptionally well-written character, who earned actress Kathy Bates both the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Actress.

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Annie Wilkes’ personality has been described as a “virtual catalog of mental illnesses”, but the most terrifying aspect is her ability to seamlessly switch between volcanic and violent explosions and sparkling excitement. Despite her intelligence, Annie fails to express a single ounce of compassion for anyone else, seemingly using all of her empathy for the fictional character from her favorite book series.

4 The great white shark is sinister, barbaric and viscerally nightmarish – Jaws (1975)

Shark attacks Brody in the jaws

Steven Spielberg has transformed the mysterious great white shark into a monstrous man-eating machine, an evil sea beast with a mind of its own. JawsThe impact on viewers was so great that thousands of sharks were killed in the following years, causing their populations to drop sharply.

However, the scale of the public overreaction reflects the untranslatable horror that was ingrained in the public’s psyche after staring into the killer shark’s cold black eyes in Jaws, a testament to the nightmarish power of this sinister villain.

3 IT terrorizes children to make their meat taste better – It (2017)

Pennywise Gets Bullied To Death In This Chapter 2

Pennywise is the clown form taken by IT, a Deadlight of immeasurable age and incredible power. This entity exists only to attack the fears of living creatures, exhibiting a particularly vile predilection for children.

He is incapable of any emotion that can be considered positive, preferring instead to torment his victims by using their deepest phobias against them. IT claims that “all the chemicals of fear flooded the body and made the meat salty“, suggesting that he uses terror as a culinary instrument.

2 The Armitage family inflicts physical and psychological violence on their victims – Get Out (2017)

Get out

The Armitage family in Get out work in perfect synchronization to get what they want, but their means are as vulgar as the results of their projects. Rose brings Chris to his parents’ house in the middle of nowhere, where he slowly begins to lose his grip on reality.

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The fact that a white family like the Armitages kidnapped, hypnotized, and stripped off any suspicion of black agency agency is not only heartless, it is socially, politically and institutionally despicable.

1 Jack Torrance was an abusive father and husband long before the Overlook Hotel incident

Jack Nicholson in Shining

One of Stephen King’s best-known characters, Jack Torrance was an abusive father and husband long before the Overlook Hotel incident, which only compounded his paranoid tendencies and alcoholism by reminding Jack its traumatic story.

Jack transforms into little more than a savage demon, attempting to tear Wendy and Danny to pieces with an ax after the hotel spirits take control of his faculties. Jack Nicholson’s flair for playing evil characters is particularly evident in Jack Torrance’s psychological breakup in The brilliant.

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