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10 most successful horror movie remakes, according to Rotten Tomatoes

As horror fans know, Hollywood loves their remakes. Many disapprove of this, as they feel that most horror classics don’t need to be remade and are just fine as they are. Other fans believe that as long as they’re done right, they can be worth it. Regardless of how fans feel, a lot of classic horror movies can be updated to fit more current times, so they’re easy to make and they have pre-built fan bases, so it’s easy to get started. sell tickets.

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Even with high ticket sales, films are not guaranteed to be well received by audiences. Remade as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The ring theater seats packed and did their best to match the atmosphere and scares of the original movies. These horror movie remakes may have been successful at the box office, but their ratings on Rotten Tomatoes show what fans are really thinking.

ten A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) – 15%

This 1984 slasher reboot stars Jackie Earle Haley as the iconic Freddy Krueger, a specter haunting the teenage parents who killed him, stalking them and killing them in their dreams. Freddy took home $ 115.6 million at the box office, but its Rotten Tomatoes rating shows it hasn’t been a hit with the public.

Some have the unpopular opinion of liking the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, calling it a true homage to the original. A notice of Films from the North Shore says he does his job as a teen slasher, and Haley does well as a villain by making them pay for their parents’ actions while also admitting it’s not the best remake. Its biggest criticisms are that it lacks the humor of the original and takes on a much darker tone that doesn’t work for a killer like Krueger.

9 The Haunting (1999) – 17%

This loose adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson follows a group participating in what they believe to be an insomnia study, but actually a fear study. Participants are unaware that the house is haunted by an evil spirit that intends to torment anyone who stays there. It grossed $ 117.3 million in ticket sales but was not greeted warmly.

the Film-Authority critics call it a good bad movie that contains the ruins of an interesting movie. There are many loopholes in the logic, irritating characters, and sequences that make the movie feel more like a thrill ride than a faithful adaptation of the source material. Some really enjoy the first half, but they find it quickly derailed, leaving them disappointed. Despite its flaws, it is an interesting interpretation of the Hill House story, and some may find it an entertaining ghost story.


8 Amityville Horror (2005) – 23%

ryan reynolds amityville horror remake

Hailed as one of the best films based on the Amityville murders, this remake follows the events of the Lutz family, who spend 28 days in their new home before fleeing in the middle of the night. It was a box office hit, grossing $ 107.5 million, and although many fans liked it, it has a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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This remake left a lot to be desired, with some feeling the film has its stylish moments but doesn’t create any suspense. Others felt that the movie didn’t add anything new to fans, and that it had a generic backstory that would suit any other haunted house movie. Fans praise the fears of the jump and the pace of the remake, adding that Reynolds delivers a terrifying performance as George Lutz. Some will admit it’s far-fetched and predictable, but still pretty cool for horror fans to watch.

seven The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) – 37%

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake Sheriff Hoyt

The remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre introduced a new generation of horror fans to Leatherface, another iconic villain. After picking up a traumatized hitchhiker, five friends find themselves hunted down and hunted down by Leatherface and his serial killer family. The film grossed $ 107.36 million, making it a hit with young fans, although critics were disappointed.

Many find this remake unnecessary and criticize it for relying on fears of jump and blood, rather than real fears. He boasts of one of the most intense deaths in the Texas Chainsaw franchise, but it’s still considered a slasher movie by the numbers. Critics believe the remake doesn’t add anything to the original story, but fans praise the film for having the flair they lacked in the original. While they enjoy it, they recommend the original if horror fans want a more terrifying viewing experience.

6 The Grudge (2004) – 40%

After the box office success of The ring, Americans have discovered another remake of a popular J horror film. The Grudge stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as an American nurse living in Tokyo when she is exposed to a mysterious curse that locks a person into a powerful rage, before taking their life and passing it on to another victim.

The remake was a box office hit, taking in $ 187.28 million, but its rating is low. Critics call it watchable but erratic, saying it lacks most of the original. Fans found it horrifying, claiming they had been haunted by the film for years. A review of Bloody disgusting highlights the subtle critique of using Americans who are unfamiliar with the culture of the country they live in, which resonates with many American fans, who feel the same sense of isolation as the characters.

5 The Ring (2002) – 71%

The Ring 2002 Samara with Ring by the Well

Two years before the arrival of The Grudge, The ring was the first of many J horror films to be remade for American audiences. After the death of her niece, the journalist Rachel investigates a mysterious videotape which causes the death of the spectator in the week which follows its viewing. It was a box office success and an immediate hit with fans and critics alike.

While some felt that the film’s slow pace gave viewers time to think about possible plot holes, most critics praise its eerie nature and call it a film that creates a disgusting feeling rather than a scary one. It retains the same sense of dread as the original while also giving the story its own twist. Like The Grudge, many fans found the film terrifying when it was first released.

4 Cape Fear (1991) – 74%

The seventh collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, Cap Fear follows a convicted rapist who, after serving 14 years in prison, tracks down the family of the lawyer who initially defended him. Not only did the film perform well commercially, grossing $ 182.29 million, it also received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for De Niro’s performance.

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While some consider this remake unnecessary, many have praised its suspense and violence. A review of News week says that while it’s a thrilling film, it doesn’t stay on the mind like Scorsese’s other work does. Even with its flaws, there are many who enjoy its first foray into the horror genre.

3 Dawn of the Dead (2004) – 76%

Zack Snyder’s first film, the remake of George A. Romero’s classic zombie, follows a group of survivors who take refuge in an upscale mall during a zombie apocalypse. It was a hit, earning $ 102.27 million, topping the US box office in its opening weekend, and receiving rave reviews.

According to Cinematic frenzy, it’s a rare remake that doesn’t match the original but succeeds on its own terms. There are elements that some could have gone without, like the subplot of a woman giving birth during a zombie apocalypse, but many love the movie and credit it for reinvigorating the zombie subgenre.

2 We are what we are (2013) – 86%

we are what we are family

This film centers on the reclusive and nun Parker family who follow an ancient custom and suddenly see their existence threatened when the police investigate the death of their matriarch. Daughters Iris and Rose must take on responsibilities beyond those of a typical family. It was a success, earning $ 159.04 million upon its theatrical release.

We are what we are is praised for its atmosphere and mystique, which aims to scare viewers rather than make them sick. The little violence the film contains is not shocking and serves a narrative purpose. Exquisite terror says the film hides cannibalistic elements in favor of examining family roles, rites of passage and ritualism.

1 It (2017) – 86%

IT 2017 - Pennywise Takes Over Beverly

This Stephen King adaptation follows a group of bullied children as they band together to destroy a shape-changing monster that disguises itself as a clown and terrorizes the children of their Maine town of Derry. This was a huge hit, grossing $ 701.79 million, becoming one of the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time.

Despite its flaws, the film received overwhelmingly positive reviews, calling it a beautifully crafted work and a truly spooky horror film. It’s a faithful adaptation of the novel, with a handful of tasteful tweaks. Instead of relying on cheap scares, many like the film to care more about establishing its characters. Loved by many, it is considered one of the best films of 2017.

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