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10 Most Frustrating Horror Movie Endings Of All Time

Ti West’s X prequel pearl has a logical ending, as the story flows into the 2022 film following an elderly woman who kills the filmmakers who stay at her property. But often a horror movie will have a conclusion that leaves audiences frustrated and confused. Maybe the main character doesn’t get what he wants or the evil isn’t explained. Fans are looking for a clear resolution and it can be disappointing if that doesn’t happen.

There are several horror movies with endings that leave a lot to be desired, and even years after the film’s release, audiences find themselves wishing things had turned out differently.


Andy Can’t Win Against Chucky in Child’s Play 3 (1991)

Andy Barclay is definitely tired of the evil doll Chucky in the third Child’s play movie, and after being absent from military school, Andy confronts Chucky again. Andy is unable to stop Chucky from his terrible plans and the film ends with Andy talking to a policeman knowing that Chucky, one of the scariest horror movie dolls, will continue to do what he wants.

While it’s clear the blockbuster franchise would have more movies, the ending is still unsatisfying. It would be nice to see Andy in a better place considering he lived without his mother who was hospitalized for talking about Chucky, which was truly unfair and tragic. The ending is a harsh reminder of everything Andy has been through.

Steve Dies at Eden Lake (2008)

Some of the most difficult conclusions in horror movies are the most tragic ones that suggest there was nothing the characters could have done to prevent said tragedy from happening. Since audiences expect the characters to fight when approached by a villain or an evil supernatural force, it can be hard to accept that this isn’t happening.

The couple at the center of lake of eden, Steve Taylor and Jenny Greengrass, are tormented by a gang while on vacation. Horror fans are saddened by the ending as Steve is brutally killed and while Jenny is still alive, it seems inevitable that she won’t be around much longer. It’s not a movie that can be watched multiple times, because knowing the terrible conclusion ruins the rest of the movie.

What happens to Julie in I still know what you did last summer (1998)?

Following I know what you did last summer puts Julie James in the wringer as she goes on a vacation that nearly kills her. Ben Willis reunites with Julie and her friends and the film is a nostalgic reminder of the silly fun of many 90s horror films.

It seems that Julie’s life has returned to normal, as she and Ray are living together, but in the final scene, Julie is pulled under the bed by what appears to be the killer. The film asks the audience to decide for themselves if Julie was murdered or if they just imagine it happening. A clear conclusion would be much better.

David loses everything in the mist (2007)

Several Stephen King books are better than the movies, including the 2007 adaptation of Mist, which concludes the story in a disheartening way. David Drayton’s actions at the end of the film have become a well-known bad horror movie decision.

Thinking there is no way out, David murders his family and friends, but then learns it was actually unnecessary. The pain on his face is hard to watch and it’s hard to agree with that kind of conclusion because the audience wished he could have been more patient and come up with another plan.

Darry is caught in the creepers of Jeeper (2001)

Jeeper’s Creepers: Reborn continues the strange story of the monster that feeds every 23 springs for 23 days. In the 2001 film debut, Darry and Trish Jenner are driving home to visit their mother and encounter The Creeper dumping a body down a pipe, realizing evil is following them.

The Creeper stalks Darry for the entire film, but audiences still hope that the siblings can make it out alive and relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, The Creeper takes Darry and murders him in a gruesome way. Seeing Darry running away would be much more interesting.

Laurie is gone and Michael is still alive in Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Halloween: Resurrection is not the most popular movie Halloween franchise, and neither the beginning nor the end is what fans had in mind. Immediately, Michael Myers kills Laurie Strode, who feels bad considering her strong presence as the last girl. At the end of the film, Michael is still alive, which no one wanted either, considering all the pain he’s inflicted.

Any Halloween The movie’s ending needs to include Laurie and Michael together, because that’s the dynamic that has interested audiences since the franchise began. Otherwise, it feels like something is missing, which is what happened here.

Main Characters Die at Open House (2018)

The open day is considered one of Netflix’s worst original movies and it’s thanks to the ending, which doesn’t allow any part of the story to end properly.

Naomi and Logan Wallace begin living in the countryside and while it’s sad that their husband and father have passed away, the film offers no character development. Someone torments the family, and in the end, they are killed. Audiences don’t know who was after him or why, which is a shame.

Leatherface Murders Melody In Texas Chain Saw Massacre (2022)

At the end of Chainsaw Massacre, Lila and Melody get into their car and drive away from town so slowly that Leatherface is able to catch up to them and kill Melody in a particularly intense manner. No one wanted to see this happen to Melody, especially not at the very last second when it seems the sisters have been victorious against this legendary killer.

The characters don’t move fast enough, which doesn’t make sense given the danger they’re in. Lila also takes Sally Hardesty’s hat, and it seems odd that she wants a reminder of that painful and horrible time. Fans wanted a more positive conclusion, especially since this franchise is so beloved.

Roman is Ghostface in Scream 3 (2000)

Well-known Ghostface quotes to every big reveal, the Scream the killers are among the most unforgettable of all slasher films. Many felt disappointed that Roman Bridger was revealed as Ghostface in Cry 3.

Since Roman is Sidney Prescott’s brother, he felt ignored by his family and this fueled his desire to kill. But for several horror fans, that motivation isn’t as compelling as it could be, and he’s sometimes seen as the weakest Ghostface. While it’s always great to see Sidney win, the ending of this third movie isn’t as great as the others.

Sophie’s Decision in Lights Out (2016)

Curfew opens with Sophie’s son, Martin, noticing what appears to be a ghost standing near his mother, and although it’s a chilling image, the film has a heartbreaking conclusion. Sophie, who has struggled with depression, ends her life because an evil ghost, Diana, has attached herself to her. Sophie does this to help her daughter Rebecca.

Any movie that deals with mental health needs to be compassionate and careful, and fans and critics alike have pointed out how problematic that ending is. Audiences would have preferred the film to end in a different, less heartbreaking way.

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