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10 most boring horror movie protagonists of all time, ranked

Whether it’s falling into obvious traps or making some of the dumbest decisions in this story of narrative fiction, the horror genre is full of annoying protagonists. Whether they’re stereotypical college kids looking to party or puzzled husbands unconvinced of paranormal events, there are plenty of fan-favorite movies featuring characters who are nothing short of infuriating.

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The genre often relies on pretty extreme storylines and unlikely events to begin with, and audiences are often willing to forgive a bad premise or obnoxious character if it all ends at the end. That said, these 10 characters almost ruined the movies they appeared in with their utter nonsense.

ten Franklin Hardesty (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

A photo of Franklin's character in the 1974 horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Hateful thanks to his constant mockery and off-putting ramblings on head cheese, Franklin Hardesty is the ultimate buzzkill. While a day trip to a cemetery doesn’t seem particularly jovial, Franklin manages to suck every bit of joy out of every scene he finds himself in.

Franklin was so loathsome, in fact, that, as previously covered by ScreenRant, the actors would do their best to stay away from actor Paul A. Partain when the cameras were not rolling. Partain was a method actor, and his refusal to break up the character probably scared everyone off pretty quickly. No one deserves the punishment Franklin received in the middle of the movie, but few were likely to be upset by his departure.

9 Bert (Cabin Fever)

Paul, Bert, and Jeff in the 2002 Cabin Fever horror movie.

Eli Roth Gorefest 2002 Cabin fever was partly intended to be a comedy, but, even with that in mind, Bert still comes across as a complete pain in the butt. Taking nothing seriously and churning out some very dated jokes, Bert may have earned a few laughs from audience members at first, but by halfway through the movie most are fed up with him – pun intended.

Although he takes the initiative to return to town when no one else will, he is arguably responsible for the fiasco plaguing his friends, and his attempt to call for help drives a group of angry townspeople. to storm the cabin. Thanks, Bert.


8 Louis Creed (Pet Sematary)

Louis and Gage from the horror film Pet Sematary.

that of Stephen King Pet Sematist is primarily an examination of how loss and the inability to grieve can drive men to insanity, but, emotionally scarred as he was, Louis still makes completely ridiculous decisions.

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After his permanently dead cat Church returns from the grave, Louis doesn’t want to believe what he sees. He then chooses to resuscitate his deceased son through the graveyard, knowing that he will no longer be the same undead. His terrible decisions ultimately led to his ruin, but, considering all the chances he had to avoid it, it at least seems somewhat justified.

seven Julie James (I know what you did last summer)

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

To be fair, I know what you did last summer is full of irritating characters who make horrible decisions, but Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Julie James is the common thread of a comedy of idiocy.

When they accidentally run over an unidentified person while driving late at night, Julie and her company decide to declare them dead on the spot, choose not to call for help, and attempt to throw the body into the vain. hope no one would ever notice. . When the victim returns for revenge, not only does Julie decide not to leave town, but she decides that she cannot go to the police, even when her friends start to be dead.

6 Freddie Harris (Halloween: Resurrection)

Busta Rhymes holding an air horn in the 2002 Halloween horror film Resurrection.

Trying to capitalize on the phenomenon of found images and a new and exciting innovation known as the Internet, Halloween: Resurrection turns the Myers House into something of a horror-themed version of Big Brother. A group of teenagers work to solve a mystery staged by Harris, who is the producer of an online horror documentary … thing.

From the constant ignorance of the murders that take place on his set to intervening on Michael Myers in the film’s final moments, delivering the worst one-liner in horror film history, then killing him with karate, it just wasn’t a highlight at Busta’s Rhymes career.

5 Burt (Children of the Corn)

Burt's character from the horror film Children of the Corn.

In the classic Stephen King horror story The children of the corn, a child preacher named Isaac convinces all the children of a small town to kill the adult population of the area at the behest of a deity called the One Who Walks Behind the Rows. When Burt and his girlfriend Vicky accidentally get mixed up in the incident, Burt must use his amazing intelligence to sort things out.

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The whole situation is ludicrous, sure, but Burt is one of the most wacky and pitiful protagonists in all of horror. Swinging from scene to scene, her eventual victory at the end of the film seems wholly undeserved.

4 Amanda (View 3)

Shawnee Smith as Amanda in the third Saw movie.

John Kramer’s motives have always been questionable at best, but the failure of the cult of personality he was attempting to cultivate with his apprentice Amanda becomes really evident in Seen 3. After going rogue, she kills Lynn out of jealousy, inadvertently failing a final Jigsaw test.

Kramer was undeniably manipulative and eager to see herself as the only path to Amanda’s salvation, but she really should have turned to the police at some point. Beyond that, its inescapable pitfalls and inexcusable actions throughout the third film make it a convoluted and messy tale that couldn’t live up to the first two.

3 Arnold (Troll 2)

Arnold from the 1990 horror movie Troll 2.

One of the Dumbest Horror Movies of All Time, 90s Troll 2 sparked infamy for its absurd plot and hilarious hammy game. While every character in the film is goofy, Arnold takes the cake; Not only is he stabbed in the chest by a group of goblins he tried to insult to no avail, but he then turned into a tree in one of the funniest scenes ever made in the film.

Even casual fans will know his iconic “oh my god” cry, and the brief scene sums up his character pretty well. Although he’s barely in the movie, he does stand out in a group of terribly boring teenagers.

2 Micah Sloat (paranormal activity)

Micah and Katie from the movie Paranormal Activity.

The estranged husband eager not to believe his haunted family is a common trope in horror movies starring the paranormal, but Micah Sloat from the original Paranormal activity the film takes things to another level. Not only does he not listen to his wife’s warnings, but he actively incites the demon by installing video cameras and buying a ouija board.

By the time he takes the haunting seriously, it’s already too late, but there is so much he could have done to prevent possession of his wife from the start. He basically spent the entire movie inadvertently helping the demon and sealing his own demise.

1 Ricky Caldwell (Silent Night, Deadly Night, part 2)

Ricky wielding an ax in the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2.

Deeply troubled both by the murder of his parents and years of abuse at the hands of a wicked nun at the orphanage where he grew up, Ricky Caldwell might be considered a likeable character, but his violent outbursts and manner, way the exaggerated behavior makes it, to say the least, incredibly irritating.

Beginning his criminal insanity by killing random criminals, he eventually embarks on the dumbest shootout ever, killing people in ridiculous ways and throwing absurd lines. Ricky ends up getting revenge on the nun who tortured him, but, given everything he’s done to achieve this goal, it hardly seems justified.

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