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10 bravest teenage horror movie characters, ranked

Horror movie fans love to speculate how they might get away with being chased by Michael Myers in Halloween or stuck in one of Jigsaw’s traps in Seen. While many would like to believe that they would have overcome slim odds or beat the bad guys with the help of a superior intellect, the terrible truth is, most wouldn’t live to tell the tale.

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The protagonists of horror films often possess a level of superhuman bravery that accompanies them until the end credits. Thus, the “final girls” and other faithful survivors of the horror genre are among the bravest in all of cinema.

ten Julie James (I know what you did last summer)

Julie James' character in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Generally considered to be an ultra-successful scam Scream, which debuted a year ago, i know what you did last summer is a regular slasher movie that retains a cult fan base of nostalgic viewers. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Geller, it’s an exciting but misguided attempt to reinvigorate the then stumbling horror genre.

After apparently killing a stranger in a car accident, Julie James and her friends are accosted by an unknown assailant a year later. James shows bravery in revealing the mysterious circumstances and exonerating himself in the process.

9 Jaime height (he follows)

Jaime Height from the horror movie It Follows.

An arthouse horror film that will put viewers under the skin, 2015 It follows focuses on a shape-shifting entity that mercilessly stalks and kills its target. However, the target can pass the mark of the unknown pursuer to another person through sexual intercourse.

After gaining the entity’s attention with a deceptive date, Jaime must do everything in her power to eliminate the threat before she can achieve her goal. Refusing to pass the mark on to someone else and fearless in his quest to finally kill the monster, It followsJaime Height is about as brave as the horror protagonists come.


8 Alice Hardy (Friday the 13th)

Alice Hardy from the original Friday the 13th movie.

Although hokey and slightly cliché even for the period, the 1980s Friday 13 is a quintessential slasher movie that is recognized as a paragon of horror. He’s known for the hockey masked killer Jason Vorhees, but his mother, Pamela, steals the first movie in the series.

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After surviving the film’s murderous events, Camp Counselor Alice Hardy meets Pamela Vorhees, who is revealed to be the killer. She attacks Alice, but the teenager is able to push her away, eventually beheading her with a machete. This brutal act of self-defense required courage that you simply don’t have.

7 Sidney Prescott (Scream)

Sidney Prescott in the original Scream movie.

Less of a character and more of a lazy, spin-off nature criticism from the 1996 horror film production Scream revitalized the slasher subgenre by offering a gut-and-blood wink and nod. He also pokes fun at films now cliché like Halloween while borrowing more than a few notes from him.

Sidney Prescott, arguably the best horror movie finale girl ever, must navigate a world of sex and murder as a horror-obsessed killer stalks her loved ones. She has a hell of a burden to carry, and the fact that she survives multiple times is a testament to her strength.

6 Sarah Bailey (The Craft)

Sarah Bailey from the 1996 movie The Craft.

In the 1996 occult classic The jobHigh school transplant recipient Sarah Bailey joins a group of teenage witches seeking to boost their powers. After honing their abilities, they cast spells on their enemies, but their newfound occult skills eventually backfire and turn them into self-centered sadists.

When Sarah objects to the group’s activities, the other three girls plot to kill her. She is subjected to all kinds of physical and psychological torture, but she is able to use her art to fight back and strip her ex-friends of their powers. As capable as she is brave, Sarah Bailey deserves to be recognized as one of horror’s bravest heroines.

5 Sally Hardesty (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Sally Hardesty strapped to a chair in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

A road trip through Texas brings Sarah Hardesty and her friends into the hell that is the abandoned house of Sawyer and her family of doomed cannibals. Sarah’s friends are slaughtered by the horrible villain Leatherface. After a long and incredibly tense chase scene, Sarah is captured and forced to join the Sawyer family for dinner.

Barely able to escape with her life, Sarah’s undeniable vitality and willpower make her an unforgettable horror protagonist. One of the characters credited with giving birth to the “Final Girl” trope, few others would have had enough mental and physical strength to endure the brutality of the Chainsaw Massacre.

4 Beverly Marsh (He)

Beverly Marsh from the 2017 horror film It.

Member of the Losers Club and central figure of Stephen King’s This, Beverly Marsh must defeat both metaphorical and literal demons to save her friends and her city from the grip of cosmic terror.

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Always the motivation, Beverly’s friends depend on her and rally around her, but the strength of everyone in the Losers Club is tested when she is captured by Pennywise. Even though she does get caught, she holds her own in the face of Pennywise’s ultimate mayhem, and she’s one of the bravest characters King has ever imagined.

3 Dana Polk (Cabin In The Woods)

Dana Polk from the movie A Cabin in the Woods.

What starts off as a riff on tropey horror movies turns into a tale of cosmic significance as a group of teenagers unwittingly upset the fragile balance between humanity and a race of sleeping old gods.

Dana Polk and her friends take a trip to an old cabin and stumble upon a series of strange events. She manages to survive, however, and she fights to save her remaining friend no matter the odds. Even when told that her actions will bring the end of the world, she refuses to allow herself to be sacrificed or to sacrifice her friend. The decision, while potentially selfish, also came across as quite courageous.

2 Laurie Strode (Halloween)

A Halloween night spent babysitting the neighbor turns into a nightmare when disturbed killer Michael Myers returns to his hometown of Haddonfield for reasons unknown. He’s determined to kill young women, so Laurie Strode must do all she can to defend herself and her city from unspeakable evil.

Michael Myers may be stealing the show, but Laurie is just as important to the Halloween franchise. She’s in just about every movie, and on her white-handed journey to survive the 1978 killings Halloween In her locked and charged battle against Form in the 2018 sequel, she’s one of horror’s most fearless protagonists.

1 Nancy Thompson (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Nancy Thompson from the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Hunted by a horror capable of chasing people in their dreams, Nancy Thompson seems woefully overwhelmed. The menacing Freddy Kreuger kidnaps his friends one by one, and she is unable to stop him or convince anyone of the true nature of the murders.

However, she ends up taking a stand against Kreuger after learning that fear is what gives her power. Making a move that only the toughest would be capable of, she turns her back on a ready-to-strike Kreuger, robbing him of his power. Freddy would do more than a few comebacks, but Nancy was always ready for him.

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