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10 best horror film directors, according to Reddit

The direction of a horror movie ultimately indicates how scary the story is going to be. Audience reaction relies on a number of decisions, whether the pace is nice slow burn or charged action to the way the characters interact. When a movie is really, really good, fans can thank the talented director who knew exactly what to do, from that fear of the perfect leap to camera work that amplifies the edgy tone.

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While the choice of favorites is always subjective, horror fans can agree on some of the most talented filmmakers who have worked in the genre over the past decades. Fans are sharing their favorite directors of this creepy genre on Reddit.

ten Sam rummy

Ash searching the cabin in Evil Dead II.

For Reddit user K-ghuleh, “Sam Raimi” is a favorite horror director. The fan wrote: “He may have moved away from the horror, but the evil Dead the trilogy is my favorite. “

Fans love Sam Raimi’s memorable characters and it’s true that the evil Dead the films have remained on the minds of many fans. Horror fans see something special in the 1981 film Diabolical death because the movie was shot in a cabin and it turned out to be the perfect location.

9 Jordan peele

Daniel Kaluuya cries and looks terrified in Get Out

Reddit user GummyZerg mentioned “Jordan Peele” among his list of favorite horror directors.

Get out and We are both considered some of the most compelling and best-crafted films of recent years, and Peele’s directing style is clever and inventive. Fans are always excited to see what he’ll do next and many agree he’s a filmmaker to watch.


8 Jean Charpentier

Halloween 1978

John Carpenter won in a Reddit poll with 317 votes, and Reddit user highrisedrifter said, “I saw the original. Halloween in the early 80s and it got me hooked completely on his work. “

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While Halloween has countless fans, because horror lovers can’t get enough of the acting, music and spooky storyline fans love too The thing. John Carpenter will always be included in discussions about the best directors working in this terrifying genre.

seven Mike Flanagan

Hamish Linklater, as Father Paul, stands in church during midnight mass

Mike Flanagan’s most recent project Midnight Mass has gruesome scenes, and the character development and setting on a small island makes for an incredible watch.

A Redditor praised Mike Flanagan’s work, writing, “Any movie with Flanagan’s name attached to writing and directing is guaranteed to be a quality movie so far.” Fans love his projects such as Oculus, Silence, Gerald’s game, The Haunting of Hill House, and Before I wake up. Whether fans are watching Flanagan’s movies or TV series, his clear style is always present. These stories are definitely character-driven horror.

6 James wan

Ed approaches Lorraine from behind in The Conjuring 2.

the Saw and Conspiracy franchises are staple of the horror genre and when it comes to a favorite horror movie director Reddit user vm38 said, “I’m going to go with James Wan on this one.”

While these franchises are both vastly different, one being extremely dark and bloody and the other supernatural, both are incredibly creepy. Fans congratulate James Van for making stylish movies that make you think.

5 Karyn kusama

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

Reddit user Lindawittgenstein loves “Karyn Kusama” for making it Jennifer’s body. The 2009 film might not be talked about as much as others, but it’s a compelling story about two best friends who couldn’t be more different from each other and who are embroiled in a waking nightmare. .

Needy and Jennifer go to a group, hoping to have some excitement during their boring high school life, and Jennifer becomes possessed. A Redditor also mentioned that Kusama realized The invitation, a 2015 horror film about people meeting for dinner who realize that a cult is behind the destruction that is about to take place.

4 Wes craven

Sydney and her aunt try to shut Ghostface's door in Scream 4.

Whether it’s retracing Sidney Prescott’s journey from the first film to the next film, or comparing the surprising deaths in Scream, many horror fans love Wes Craven movies because his directing style works so well.

One Redditor praised Wes Craven’s work, writing, “He just knows how to do great horror. It might be cheesy but I love it.” It is true that there are elements of Scream which are definitely cheesy, but the franchise’s campy tone is what makes it so special.

3 Ari Aster

Annie cries out for Steve's death in Hereditary

After many horror fans loved the shocking film Hereditary, everyone was excited for the follow up to Ari Aster Environment. This film was equally unexpected and surprising, making Ari Aster a fascinating director who does a fascinating job.

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Reddit user willtrent16 loves Ari Aster’s “attention to detail and the way he creates his stories”. Several Reddit users said they felt disappointed with Environment because they weren’t sure it compared to the first one, with Reddit user TheKawValleyKid saying, “I loved Hereditary but was pretty disappointed with Midsommar.” But even those who aren’t sure Ari Aster is their favorite are still interested in seeing his future films.

2 David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg's scanners and the fly

Reddit user 6runtled said “Cronenberg is a genius” and mentioned Videodrome and Fly. They called them “horror masterpieces” and said the director had a “vision of the surreal and the grotesque”.

David Cronenberg’s highly regarded films are considered “body horrors” and while not for everyone, fans appreciate his storytelling style and incredible talent.

1 Jennifer kent

read a much less sinister book in The Babadook.

Reddit user mcubed1220 likes “Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook,“and the 2014 horror film definitely made an impression.

When Sam reads a book called Mr. Babadook, he is totally convinced that this creature really exists. While there are plenty of monster movies out there, this one is actually ghastly and can be difficult to watch with the lights off.

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